Game On!

Spend a little time engaged in some friendly competition.

One of the things we crave these days is a little more time together. We are so rushed through our days, that the idea of sitting down and playing a game and having a great conversation with someone is so foreign. At Bromwell’s, we aim to change that.

You know we are the best place to turn to create the perfect fireplace to relax and connect in front of, but did you know we can add even more to the fun?

While movies and VR games are fine, there’s something cool about going “old school” and bringing back some of the games we played as kids.

We love how these beautiful games elevate the classic childhood games to a new level of elegance (and importance). Hand finished gaming boards are matched with playing pieces created from some of the most beautiful materials available. Artisans in Venice, Italy carefully swirl molten glass into marbles on┬áboth a petite, and grand scale, while unique minerals and stones are smoothed and shaped in a way that gives “marbles” a whole new meaning. We believe the time and attention to detail in something as simple as a “game” conveys the importance of taking the time to enjoy it.

These are no complex rules. There are no cords, plugs, cables or WiFi involved. Its just people sitting down, strategizing, and engaging in a friendly competition.

Look, we know simple things like these games won’t change the world, but we do know that slowing down, and spending time with someone is an important first step.

Slow down a bit and challenge someone to a match today… Game on!

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