Inside Out

This time of year its great to be out in the garden, but how can you bring that feeling inside?

By using the raw, natural materials found outside, you can have a bit of the beauty of the garden in your home year round. We love drawing inspiration from the textures and “weight” of the objects we see outside.

Urns and vessels make the perfect objects to use as table or lamp bases when you are looking to bring “outdoors in”. Their graceful shape can command attention in any space. We love mixing items of various height and scale to create intriguing groupings.

Simple and useful objects like candlesticks are the perfect items to be interpreted in garden style.




Some may be tempted to repaint, or refinish the items to give more of a refined look, but we say “keep it raw”. The patina from being outdoors is beautiful, and can’t be replaced.

We’re especially in love with the soft gray color, and velvety texture of galvanized Zinc right now. The metal begins to show liter gray and white markings as it oxidizes form the air around it. The gray color blends into any interior – From traditional to modern. 

 A glass dome, known as a cloche, is one of the classic ways to bring a bit of garden style inside the home.

Originally used to protect seedlings in the early spring garden, the cloche functioned as a “mini greenhouse”. It can still function that way in the home today. Small plants, interesting rocks, and other natural elements can be given a place of importance under the dome. The cloche makes the objects under it seem even more special than they already are. Look for unique examples, such as ones with rope handles, interesting bases, or inventive shapes. These are an interior styling staple, and a perfect way to bring in some garden inspiration.


They say, “Make hay while the sun shines”. That may be true, but with inventive and beautiful interior styling inspired by the garden, you can live the garden life year round.

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