Summer Sipping

It’s hot – REALLY HOT. The best way to beat the heat is to sit down in the cool shade, and sip an amazing summer cocktail. Our friends at Buttermilk make it easy to create the perfect summer concoction.

Bittermilk was started by Joe and Marielena Rya as a way of bringing their fine craft cocktail recipes to everyone, and making it easy to sip a fine drink. Bittermilk is a line of cocktail mixers made for cocktail enthusiasts by bartenders with real ingredients. Crafted and bottled by human hands in Charleston, SC. As they like to say,  the labor is in the bottle, just add booze.


We love the simplicity of mixing a simple “one to one” on their Whisky Sour and Tom Collins – Both perfect for a summer afternoon. If you are feeling a little more ambitious however, we recommend taking it to the next level and letting your inner pirate take hold.


Take Rum in a new direction (away from the classic Daiquari) and in a more savory, smokey direction that any pirate worth their salt would be happy to drink. The unique combination of Fresh Lemon Juice, Florida Golden Cane Sugar, Natural Elderflower and Elderberry, and Centennial Hops of Buttermilk No. 2 brings a unique flavor to the Weekender.  The Florida Golden Cane Sugar, Burnt Cane Sugar, and Fresh Orange Peel in Buttermilk No. 1 brings a rich sweetness to the simple Rumbustion. No matter what your “vice” Bittermilk makes it easy to mix and enjoy the perfect cool-off this summer check out their RECIPIES for even more inspiration, and VISIT US at the store for a few bottles soon.


4 parts light rum

3 parts Bittermilk No. 2

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Mix with ice and strain into a cocktail glass



4 parts aged rum

1 part Bittermilk No. 1

Mix with ice and serve over ice in a DOF with an lemon twist


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