Protect it for a Lifetime


Why is our lifetime warranty program a great value to you, our loyal customers? At Bromwell’s we believe in loyalty, but not only loyalty. We also believe in quality of products AND service. Which is exactly why we now offer a lifetime warranty on all indoor gas fireplaces installed by us.

Is there a catch you ask?

Not really.  Every manufacturers manual will highly suggest a service is done every single year. That’s all you’re required to do.  If you have us service the fireplace like the manual says, we’ll warrant it FOR LIFE.

That’s an all-inclusive deal.  All parts, all labor, covered by us. If you’ve ever read a manufacturers warranty fine print, you know how absolutely eye rolling it is! 1 year for this, 5 years for this, 2 years for this part. They may as well make you read the entire installation manual, then add shipping costs and labor.

We didn’t like that!  Our products at Bromwell’s are great quality and if you take care of them, they’ll last you for life. Who wants to spend thousands fixing something they paid thousands of dollars for?  The answer is simple. Get our lifetime warranty with your purchase!

We want you to be happy with every aspect of your beautiful Bromwell’s fireplace!

Call our office and inquire about the lifetime warranty today!

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