Open the door to color

The changing seasons are all about new colors. Time to open your eyes.

We love many things about fall, but the colors are one of our favorite things. Just look at our logo, you’ll see what we mean. We are all about fall!

The changing leaves, and cooler weather inspires us to dig deeper into those rich, earth inspired colors we love so much. When we are planning our floor set for fall, we always look at ways we can incorporate some of our favorites.


Sherwin Williams 6342 Spicy Hue

Fall really isn’t fall without a dash of orange to liven rooms up, and provide warmth in the chilly evenings. We love the way Spicy Hue from Sherwin Williams pops without being too bright. It’s the perfect compliment to fall.

Sherwin Williams 6237 Dark Night

At the other end of the spectrum, Dark Night is a deep, intense blue that almost becomes black. We love the way it grounds a room, and brings drama without being flashy. When paired with lighter colors, the blue comes out, but when paired with deeper grays and blacks, it really mirrors those deep autumn nights.

With any strong color, it’s important to have good, light neutrals to balance things out. We like grays and beiges to build our color stories on. We look for those that are a bit more saturated and rich. especially this time of year.

Some of our “go to”s are Natural Choice and City Scape. These are earthy neutrals that really work well with a range of colors.

Sherwin Williams 7001 Natural Choice

Whenever we use color, we like to layer “shades and sheens” more than “stripes and squares” You’ll notice in our vignettes in store, we often treat the entire room in a color. We avoid “accent walls” and lots of shifts in color within a space. Thats not to say we don’t use color to define the space, or architecture. We just always try to do it in an intentional way, and allow the architecture to inform how we apply the color.

Sherwin Williams 7067 CityScape

This season you’ll even be seeing some brighter colors in our presentations as we introduce blush pinks and emerald greens into the assortment. We love how these brighten the room, and are especially beautiful when used in fabrics such as velvet, velour and chenille.

We’re excited to see the new product arriving, and feel the shift in the weather. We invite you to visit us soon for some color inspiration. We also recommend checking with a paint professional for all the pro tips to make the job go smoothly. Sherwin Williams has a great color visualizer, and a large library of colors. ¬†We know once you step through our door of color, you’ll be ready to reinvigorate your home.




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