A Candle Can

What can make a difference in two communities?A candle can. We love the thought that something as simple as a high-quality, hand poured candle can impact many people.

We are so pleased in our partnership with Himalayan Trading Post candles. While many other products exist out there in this category, we feel these are some of the best. It goes beyond their wonderfully heady scents (although they are some of the best we’ve found). We love – as we often do – their compelling story.

The company was started in 2004 by Julia Leaphart in her kitchen. It was founded as a way for her to connect with a childhood spent in a small town in the foot hills of the Himalayas and a need to earn a living for herself and her young daughter. She began pouring candles into wooden containers bought from India and selling them at local antique shows and craft fairs. artisan candles.

According to Leaphart, “Childhood was all about  smells – soap, shampoo, frying, rain, mud, sweat and burning wood. Our garden at night – roses, jasmine and sweet williams. The way the earth smelled just before rain, the smell of wet ferns. Walking in the front door and the smell of supper cooking. In the beginning of this journey my focus was on collections that were vessel driven and the scent was secondary but more time I spent with my customers seeing their reactions when they picked up a candle to smell, I noticed that many times it was an emotional reaction. And if they made a positive connection they would buy the candle. It was like I was giving them something to connect them to their past.”

The company has certainly grown, but they have remained committed to their small business roots. Their candles are hand made and packaged at their studio in Decatur, Georgia. Where they offer a competitively paid, pleasant and flexible working environment to the candle makers, packers and shipping staff.

They also work directly with small scale manufactures in northern India and source the unique containers directly. They only work with factories that have transparent and fair working conditions for their staff to ensure each work of art is a labor of love – not of servitude. Their investment in the communities they source from, and produce in, makes the lives of the residents better. They are providing economic opportunities and empowerment. We love that as a partner with us at Bromwell’s.

The fragrances are complex and layered, designed to evoke a particular time and place, triggered by memories and nostalgia.

Leaphart commented. “The candle and home fragrance market has become crowded, and fragrances now are much better than 10 years ago.   We remain small and focused,  seeking to be not only a vehicle for fragrance, but to combine aesthetics and fragrance, to reach out and touch the recipient in some small authentic way.   It is not for everyone, but for those who do there is a connection.”

We say it’s certainly for us, and we know it will be for you as well.

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