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Fireplaces are like many appliances , they will need servicing from time to time but when they break it is always when you need them the most . This is very frustrating for the customer and always comes at a time when you are having a party or some get together . It is also the time when the fireplace companies are busiest and may take weeks for service to arrive. That’s why we recommend an “annual check up”. In fact, its all we require to maintain our unlimited lifetime warranty. Click here for more information about that.

When doing an annual service we usually can catch the problems before you need to use the fireplace. Servicing solves many problems that may not be seen until it is too late.

Each year your fireplace system will get carbon deposits, build up and ember reduction. This can cause flame appearance issues, and if you have a direct vent fireplace it can stain the glass to where you cannot clean it off. Another issue that arises is a log falling off and blocking the flame , you may not ever notice this but when it happens this will cause heat to build up in areas that need air, it can cause the  valve to seize up, warp, pilot assemblies melted and even the logs can disenigrate . Your cost can be anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands. As part of our lifetime warranty, we cover all of those parts as long as you have us perform the “annual check up”.

Vent free logs have been known to soot an entire house within hours from lack of service. They should be cleaned yearly to help prevent sooting and reduce the CO2 output, this not only can damaged the home but also cause breathing issues. The biggest difference from the other appliance in your home is an open fire that can cause catasrophic damage. Over time water has become a major probem for all fireplaces and can even create void areas in your fireplace where heat and flames can escape into areas not fit for high temperatures, doing an annual inspection can help catch this in the early stages and will prevent structural damage and even fires.

We at Bromwells want your fireplace to look and operate as it did from the original install. The only way to accomplish this is to service your unit annually.  We contact our warranty clients in the summer to schedule “annual check ups”. Don’t think that is too early to service you fireplace. In fact, its the BEST time for this, as it allows us to fine, diagnose and fix issues BEFORE we are in the time you need the fireplace. The chillier it gets, the longer it will take us to get to each service call (and the more you really need to fireplace to work).

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