The Write Stuff

Some say its a lost and dying art. We say it’s a necessity.

We believe in the power of the written word. We love the tactile quality of pen against paper – The image of ink soaking into fiber in a study in permanence that can be obliterated with the ripping and crushing of the page.

As the creative director for Bromwell’s, I am constantly looking around for ideas and inspiration. While I LOVE being able to snap a quick picture with the phone and email or text it back to the office, or quickly insert it into a document. I also love the immediacy of a quick sketch. A lot of what I am doing involves graphic design, so a quick pen to paper to capture the fleeting idea is often easier that setting up an entire digital file just to capture my musings.

At Bromwell’s we have a beautifully curated selection of leather journal and notebooks. I love my leather 3-ring binder. It’s where I keep my schedule, file ideas, and organize my rambling thoughts. The fact that I can easily add blank, and subtract filled pages makes it a continually updated chart of my creative life.

I also keep a smaller sketch journal with me. That way when an idea strikes, I can quickly scribble it down. I like the journals from Rustico that we have here at the store because I can remove the filled notebooks, archive them and insert a replacement once I have filled all the pages. I like being able to look back on the past years of my creative journey and see how I have changed, evolved and improved creatively.

Journals and logs are also great for specific passions or purposes. One of our favorite past times around Bromwell’s is sharing a drink with friends. We love how a shared beverage can be the basis for many memories. With a journal, such as our beer log, you can document the place, situation, comrades and brew chosen. It’s an easy way to remember great small batch breweries from your travels, or other special drinks shared at special times.

We like to keep a journal for our travels separate from the one we keep for daily use. That way when you are on the road, you don’t have to take your daily journal and be reminded of all the stuff you have “yet to do” in your daily life. By dedicating a notebook just to your travels, you can truly look at each adventure as a blank page, ready to be filled with the amazing sights and experiences form your journey.

Whatever your passion, and however you decide works best for you, we challenge you to put down the phone or tablet, and pick up the pen. Feel the scratch of instrument against fiber, and know you are engaging in a centuries old custom of communication.

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