Check into Valor Fireplaces

Valor fireplaces are another great, power free fireplace.

A few days ago we discussed wood burning fireplaces. While those are great in the event of a power failure, or no utilities, there is certainly a lot of work associated with getting a fire going and maintaining a supply of well seasoned and dry wood. 
While we certainly love the look, small and feel of a crackling real wood fire, we know that a lot of people simply don’t want all of the work associated with that.
Did you know there are some great alternatives? One of the manufacturers we are pleased to represent is Valor. They make highly efficient direct vent fireplaces and gas stoves that can safely operate with no electricity.
While you will still need to have natural gas or propane supply for these to work, the fact that they don’t relay on the electrical grid is a great advantage during storms or other extreme weather. Even if you loose power, you don’t have to worry about loosing heat. 
Depending on the season, situations of power failure can cause your home to get cold fast. Valor fireplaces are fully functional heaters designed to heat your home with efficient, radiant warmth.
Engineered to circulate air through natural convection, Valor fireplaces are highly efficient without a fan – providing reliable heat, even during a power failure. While a fan is an option, it is unnecessary to effectively heat your home.
Zone heating with a Valor delivers the perfect blend of radiant and convective warmth while being more economical and efficient. An efficient Valor zone heater puts warmth directly into the space you wish to heat with virtually no cycling losses.
With a Valor installed in one or more of your main living zones, you can enjoy increased comfort while reducing furnace usage in colder months or eliminating it during warmer Spring and Fall seasons. Our fireplaces allow you to take advantage of zone heating to deliver radiant and convective warmth to the spaces you frequent the most – a great alternative to central heating.
Valor’s unique HeatShift™ system transfers convective heat upwards through hidden ducts and directs it back into the room, completely bypassing walls and surface areas around the fireplace. Enjoy the peace of mind that surrounding walls, artwork, electronics and construction materials stay cool and are protected.
Heatshift elevates heat naturally using gravity and Valor product ingenuity—no need to use electricity or a fan.
A raised heat outlet improves convection airflow and circulates air back into the room at a higher elevation, reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance.
As you can see – when you want to go “off the grid” you simply cant make a better choice that Valor. Their invetive ways to heat with no electrical source, coupled with a range of styles and designs makes them one of our favorite brands. Stop in soon to have one of our fireplace specialists show you the features of this exciting line, 

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